You are not your thoughts

I used to beat myself up and doubt myself constantly, never feeling like I was good enough, until I discovered something in the scientific literature that changed my life forever.  Watch here:

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The reason we struggle

Negative self talk explained

We think that our thoughts represent who we are and how we feel about the world, but we were wrong.  The majority of our thoughts come from the default mode network – an automatic thought generator designed to help us navigate the world through social and emotional awareness:

About me

People say that you grow the most when times are hard.  That is very much true for me.  My husband left me after less than two years of marriage, when our son was only 15 months old.  I sunk into a deep depression, and even had suicidal thoughts.  Here I was, a psychologist who had researched suicide at Harvard University, and it STILL happened to me.  

Three years later, when I was still struggling with feelings of self doubt and worry, I thought that maybe I was the one who was broken.  I thought that divorce had damaged me for good.  So I went back to my academic roots and began researching.  And researching.  

What I realized, buried in the neuroscience literature, was that our theories of Self, the foundations of Psychology, were mistaken.  We are not our thoughts and feelings – we are more accurately the experiencer of an ecosystem of thoughts and feelings, most of which aren’t even ours.  I felt immediate relief and healing, and had a brand new, science-based view of who I actually was.  It then became my mission to share this knowledge broadly, to help others who are struggling experience the same peace and happiness that they, like me, probably never thought was possible.      

What people are saying...

“This course was a total a-ha for me. My anxiety is way less now, and I was able to release some major insecurities that have always stood in my way. Thank you!” 

– Patty G.

“As a working mom, I was always beating myself up that I wasn’t doing enough. Now I understand WHY I did that. I finally let the worry and stress go. I’ve seen an immediate improvement in my mood, and my kids are loving the more present me.” 

– Anne H.

“I use what I learned every day. I regularly catch my tribal brain in action and shut it down, knowing it is only getting in the way. This has been a game changer.” 

– Bill B.

IT's time to feel bettER

What you'll learn

  • The REAL reason we overthink and beat ourselves up (PS – It has nothing to do with you)
  • How it shapes so much of our lives, from what we say, to what we wear, to how much we work
  • How it leads to anxiety, depression, addiction, and more
  • How to stop overthinking – and never look back 

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